Broome County, 1850-1940


In 1892, Broome County was described as having a location “that renders it impossible for any combination of circumstances to arrest its growth. Further, it is the best locale for enterprising capitalists and families seeking a safe haven.” This statement is as true today as when Broome County was established in 1806. With its sweeping hills and the uniting waters of the Susquehanna and Chenango Rivers, this county in the southern tier of New York continues to be a valley of opportunity.

Broome County: 1850-1940 is the story of people of diverse heritage who have made this area their home. From the earliest days, inventors, entrepreneurs, artists, and a strong workforce have found Broome County to be a fertile terrain for achievement. Traditions have not been squandered on conformity but rather have been cherished and shared. Some well-known landmarks appear in this book; however, the majority of the images are previously unpublished. Included are rare interior views of early-twentieth-century factories and scenes of people at home and on the move-all silent witnesses to the “good old days.” Accompanying the photographs are historical narrations abstracted from verbal accounts, letters, diaries, and newspapers-memories and legends rich with reality.


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